Sunday's sunbathing(15.02.2015)author Kasia Wilk

Sweet sunbathing… I’m working on II season of Bear Me Series. Again, me and the Bears are inseparable…

Bear Me - New episode, New York :)(13.11.2014)author Kasia Wilk

Check your balls!(09.11.2014)author Kasia Wilk

Bear Me storyboard(21.10.2014)author Kasia Wilk

How do we do it? A frame from storyboard… 02:02 sec from the episode 6th.

Lilis album(14.10.2014)author Kasia Wilk

 In every episode there are 11 different illustrations/ Lilis photos from her private album ;) (on the end credits) So after 13 episodes there will be 143 photos :)

This illustrations are from  6th episode Bear Me series.

'Adolescence'(07.10.2014)author Kasia Wilk

Hey! In two days – 09.10 there will be brand new episode on our You Tube Channel!

It’s called ‘Adolescence’ and it’s about being adult.. :)

The Bear on spanish bench(24.09.2014)author Kasia Wilk

Ha! My friend Marlenka just sent me a photo from holiday. Why a bench? Took me few minutes to solve this mystery… I drew on the photo to save your time

Thanks Marlenka, have a nice vacation! 

Bear on holiday(30.08.2014)author Kasia Wilk

Just came back from a really long holiday… In Dubrovnik I met a bear.

Btw the new episode of Bear Me series is already on

3rd episode of Bear Me Series!(11.07.2014)author Kasia Wilk

Just want to share with you another episode of Bear Me Series :)

International Dog's Day(01.07.2014)author Kasia Wilk

So apparently today is the international day of dogs. For this occasion – George, a little nasty dog of miss Pumpkin.

And did you know that on 27th of May was the European Neighbor’s Day? I didn’t give anything to miss Pumpkin…

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